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Superseal Security, a premier provider of telescopic bollards, security fencing, and barriers in Birmingham and surrounding areas, has been renowned for its exceptional customer service and commitment to quality since 1989.

Koenig Web Design transformed Superseal Security’s online presence with a visually striking, user-friendly website that showcases its expertise. We significantly boosted their online visibility by implementing a targeted local SEO strategy. We recognised the potential for growth in the commercial and industrial sectors. To capitalise on this opportunity, we designed targeted landing pages showcasing Superseal Security’s expertise in providing tailored security solutions for various industries.

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In addition to the website makeover, we assisted Superseal Security in leveraging social media to engage with customers, share relevant content, and build a loyal online community. This approach increased website traffic, prolonged visitor dwell time, and a surge in business inquiries and conversions.

With Koenig Web Design’s strategic efforts, Superseal Security’s market position has strengthened, further solidifying its reputation as an industry leader in physical security solutions.

Superseal Security